Why Stoddard Matters


Dear healthcare workers our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for your courage and strength every day you all care for our family members.

While we are tucked away safely in our homes, you are on the front lines caring for our family members putting your life at risk. 

We just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the Family Council.

Thank you, 
Aaron Gamble (VP)

Audio Testimonials

Keisha Clark


Steve Nash


Carolyn Bowden


Thedford Collins


Rosalind Reynolds


Brenda Hallums


“Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home provides competent, compassionate care for elderly members of the greater Washington D.C. area. The faith community played a major role in casting the vision and supporting the founding of Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home. We are proud of the continued work and expansion of the mission of Stoddard, to offer stellar services that affirm the dignity and worth of aging residents of the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.”

– Rev. Tyrone M. Queen Pastor, Mt. Sinai Baptist Church